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Service Program:  Church Activities
Council 2181, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Canada
Director: Brother Bob Earle
Knights serve in many aspects of church life, readers, greeters, eucharistic ministers, ushers, alter servers, K of C choir and parish council.

For more information: Contact Council 2181
In response to the changing world around us, Christians are searching for ways to further develop the ministry of the Catholic Church. If these good intentions are going to bear fruit, if the Church is going to not only exist, but thrive in today's society, men and women throughout our communities must come forward and take an active part. As Knights of Columbus, our primary responsibility is to encourage and promote taking action.
Ministering to the Needs of the Church

The K of C Parish Round Table concept has been designed to help foster continued close ties between parishes and councils, especially in areas where council membership may come from several surrounding parishes. Simply put, the K of C Parish Round Table program is an offer of service from the local council to every parish in its area. This service will not interfere with any existing parish council or organization, since the pastor himself designates in which programs the council should become involved. Further information is provided in the Parish Round Table flyer (#2632).

Imagine what the world would be like if every baptized Catholic accepted the challenge to share the faith with every other person and to live out the call to holiness wherever he or she might be - in the midst of the family, at work, in the public sector - wherever we live and work and experience God's grace.(s)

"Today I believe the Lord is saying to us all: do not hesitate, do not be afraid to engage the good fight of the faith (cf. I Tim 6:12). When we preach the liberating message of Jesus Christ we are offering the words of life to the world. Our prophetic witness is an urgent and essential service not just to the Catholic community but to the whole human family. In this statement we attempt to fulfill our role as teachers and pastors in proclaiming the Gospel of Life. We are confident that the proclamation of the truth in love is an indispensable way for us to exercise our pastoral responsibility."(s)

Some church related activities can include maintaining a Catholic video lending library for use by parish and council families,. 
book and religious suppliers.  Recognizing  people receiving their first Communion, council and parish families baptizing children, support to parish Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) program.  The council chaplain can provide information concerning Catholic doctrine and liturgy to Knights and their families through a chaplain’s column in the council bulletin. Encourage council families to set aside time each week for Bible reading and discussions on the holy Scripture and foster quality family time.

Some methods of evangelization can involve inviting ministers of local Christian churches to speak at a council meeting on the history, tenets and practices of their denominations. The utilization of the Catholic Information Service (CIS), located at the Supreme Council office. As part of its work conducting correspondence courses for non-Catholics interested in learning about Catholic beliefs, CIS produces pamphlets outlining Catholic doctrine on many topics. #3326. Models of Evangelization

Establish a vocations committee for your council. Activities can include: celebration of World Vocations Day in April or May; special observance of Vocations Awareness Week in January; regular prayers for vocations at every council meeting, family meal and other suitable times; attendance at regular Masses for vocations; cooperation with the family life committee in getting the vocations message into homes; and participation in the Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP).

Possible activities
• Initiate an “Adopt a Catholic School” program, organizing fund-raising or volunteer support activities
deemed feasible and appropriate by a committee of council and school officials.
• Plan a “Clean-Up, Fix-Up, Paint-Up” Day in your parish. Enlist the support of all council members
in donating their services.
• Buy copies of the Sacred Heart Kid’s Club video program for CCD programs and parochial schools.
• Distribute Bibles and catechisms to parochial schools, religious education classes and missions.
• Recognize regular altar servers in your parish with an “Altar Server Certificate”
• Help new parishioners feel welcome by sponsoring a “Parish Family Welcome” program once or
twice during the year. 

Possible activities
• Provide assistance to your pastor by promoting attendance at all parish devotions.
• Arrange for the celebration of Mass within the council home or individual family homes to celebrate
special events.
• Sponsor living rosaries on or near Marian feast days.
• Establish a perpetual family rosary program under which council families pledge to pray the
rosary at home each day during a week of their choice in honor of our Blessed Mother.
• Organize a family prayer adoration to the Blessed Sacrament program with the cooperation of
the local pastor and parish.

Possible activities
• Sponsor a “Keep Christ in Christmas” billboard. Billboard posters are available from Outdoor
• Create your own Advent calendar of actions you can take each day to bring you closer to Christ.
Write your scheduled activities on a calendar posted prominently. Your activities can be for your own
personal enrichment or to help those around you. Your council can create a similar Advent project
calendar full of small community service projects for members to undertake daily.
• Promote Advent wreaths in your council bulletin as a means for families to mark the time of preparation
for the coming celebration of Christ's birth. Urge members to participate with a wreath in their homes.
• Organize a parish nativity play, with children from your parish or local parochial school playing the parts.
• Volunteer to work in a soup kitchen in your community during the Christmas season.
• Visit hospitals and nursing homes during the Christmas season. Present each patient with a
religious Christmas card. Bring a supply of cards large enough that you can give the patients cards
they can send to family and friends. Offer to help write and mail cards if necessary.

1. World Vocations Day  (Vatican Search) |